Kaibab Forest Morning

Dew drops on grass
Glistening sunlight
A symphony of bird song
The sweet smell of earth
A good day to be alive

A Birch Tree

Arriving in a forest site
Surrounded by birch and pine trees
I felt that everything was aware
And the birch tree told me
To see through nature’s eyes
And that our bodies,
Were made of the same substance


Majestic peaks
Of chiseled stone
Weathered over millions of years
By wind and water
Your thundering image awe-inspiring
Your grandeur unfathomable
Ancient red iron rock
And Navajo sandstone
Carved by Time; the great sculptor


Infinite and open
Stretching as far as the eye can see
The blue expanse hugs the horizon
Shades of color shifting
I want to be the sky
I want to float into its vastness
I want to drink the air, fresh, crisp like water from a mountain spring
The rushing wind, kisses my weathered face
And I feel infinitely blue.


Mind drifting into images, memories
Overlapping in a story that moves me
Like a movie where I’m the lead
Observing my emotions displayed on a screen,
Wrapped in symbols
And I return,
To the physical dream,
Cycling back and forth

Side Effect of Travel

flowers top

Our vision grows with the places we visit, imprinting experiences on our memories like postcards to our future selves

Our minds expand with each new idea we contemplate, opening dimensions of thought like windows to a new worldview

Our hearts awaken with relationships formed, and soften with loved ones lost, dispelling the illusion of permanence; teaching us to savor each moment

Our dreams flow ever onward, like rivers rushing to the ocean, as we learn to live in the wonder of life’s endless streams.

Words and Music

Words flowed like music
Articulated in melodic cadences
Rhythmic and buoyant
Consonants and vowels
Rising in a crescendo
Then falling to a whisper
Hanging onto each word
Musical hooks of crafted speech
Catching ears with delight
A symphony of poetry
The language of harmony
Creating a bridge for sound and meaning

Down the Well

Words rushing through fingers
Sifting through images, ideas
Glimmers of thoughts
Captured in fragments
Echoes of their origin
Shadows of their essence
I write what I recall
And drop the bucket down the well

Having done so, I brace for the labor
Of sorting and sifting
To illuminate with some dignity
A message worth listening to
A phrase worth stating

The reward waits for the worker
For the one who persistently comes
And tries with resolve to find the words
To build a house of sentence treasures
With rooms of paragraphs;
With worthwhile ideas
And earned thoughts



To skillfully navigate the world of emotions,
To traverse the map of invisible injuries,
Experience is our guide
And forgiveness our compass
Pointing north to self, south to other
East and west to past and future.


train 2
Scenes drifting by
Of cows in fields, red brick houses
Graffiti walls and churches
River canals and patches of trees
Railroad tracks etched
Into the ground
Gliding from city to city
Thoughts drift off with the changing landscape
I soak in the scenery
An observer of people
Going about their days
Reflecting on my own
Before I reach our next destination